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TIG Welder AC/DC R-Tech 200 Amp 240v Free foot pedal worth £142

TIG Welder AC/DC R-Tech 200 Amp 240v Free foot pedal worth £142

TIG Welder AC/DC R-Tech 200 Amp 240v Free foot pedal worth £142   TIG Welder AC/DC R-Tech 200 Amp 240v Free foot pedal worth £142

Wire Wheel & Cup Brushes. Air Hoses & PCL Fittings. Hard Facing Fe6 Arc Electrodes. Cable, Clamps & Dinse Plugs.

Gas Bottles - Rental Free. TIG Welding Gas Pure Argon. Torches & Nozzles - Heavy Duty. Gas Regulators & Flow Meters.

Generators - Honda & Mosa. Socket sets - Star Drive. Mig Wire Steel A15 - A18. R-Tech P50HF LT Type Torch. R-Tech P50HF AG Type Torch.

R-Tech Digital Series 60 amp. R-Tech Digital Series 100 amp. Spot Welders Tecna Hand Held.

Tig Consumables Kit WP17,18,26. WP17,18,26 Std Gas Lens Cons. WP17,18,26 Large Gas Lens Cons. WP17,18,26 Back Caps. Tig Consumables Kit WP9,20.

WP9,20 Std Gas Lens Cons. WP9,20 Large Gas Lens Cons. CK TIG Torch Parts-Heads, Etc. R-Tech Torch & Pedal Plugs. Multi and Bulk Value Packs.

CK TIG Torches and Spares. CK Series 2 CK-WP 9-20-230. CK Series 3 CK-WP 17-18-26.

The TIG 201 AC/DC 200Amp Inverter TIG Welder features patented HF microstart, AC squarewave adjustment to 250hz, pulse welding, slope up/down, LED display and high 60% duty cycle at 200 amps. Built with class leading Siemens IGBT's - Not inferior Mosfets. Professional Ultra Flex Torch - Flexible head and ultra flexible cable & sheath. 200A output at 60% duty cycle. 240V 16A Input required - 160A output requires 13A input.

Adjustable AC squarewave frequency up to 250hz, allowing greater control of weld pool giving less heat de-formation, quicker travel speed compared to lesser featured TIG welders. Suitable for welding all types of steel and alloys , welds material up to 7mm thickness. Microstart HF - improved arc starting and less interference - What is this? Ensures an ultra-clean start to your welds. 4-way trigger latching with control of post flow gas, slope up/down.

Full featured pulse welding AC & DC Modes - to allow greater control of heat into the weld pool resulting in less heat de-formation when compared to lesser featured TIG welders. DC 10-200A, AC 20-200A, MMA 20-160A. TIG 200A 60% - MMA 160A 60%. 240v 16A - No load voltage 70v. Shows preset & actual amperage. AC 0.5 - 25 Hz. 515 x 220W x 395 (mm). Yes - 240V output for optional water cooler.

Yes - Cooling fan with thermostatic protection. Package Includes, R-Tech Tig201 AC/DC Tig Welder, Remote foot pedal, 4M WP26 Air Cooled Tig Torch, Earth Lead, MMA Lead, Gas Hose, Mains Cable, Argon Regulator, Owners Manual, Torch Consumables Kit including Tungstens. Generator Friendly - Generator must be minimum of 6.5KVA and fitted with AVR (auto voltage regulation). R-Tech Customer reviews of the TIG201 AC-DC TIG Welder.

05.10.2017 Excellent all control options, Slim and lighter, torch lead flexibility, and finance option is realy very helpful. 08.09.2017 Just started TIG welding again after 30 years. This is a very good machine but it needs some practice. Youtube videos make it look easy but it takes some work to get the welds flowing. Easy to use in the garage on 13A plug but powerful enough to do any job restoring my motorbikes. 06.08.2017 I'm just starting to use the machine when I write this. But she works as I expected.

And the videos on the rtechwelding youtube channel are a good help at the start. 01.07.2017 Superb Welder 26.05.2017 I use this to develop and expand my welding skills in my home workshop, which includes manufacturing and vehicle repairs. I bought to give me the versatility to include aluminium. I chose this product after internet research of reviews and other recommendations, this came out consistently in the most appropriate bracket for what I required.

24.05.2017 A1 the best TIG yet 14.05.2017 I'm a total novice at tig welding but with a bit of help from the videos was welding if all be a bit roughly in no time at all. Machine comes with everything you need except gas and filler rods 06.05.2017 Ac/dc tig of robust industrial quality - fittings and accessories supplied well made 11.04.2017 Build quality is excellent. It is a good unit for a beginner like my self, I was soon producing good welds on Aluminium. 12.10.2016 Quality is second to none! 01.07.2016 Top bit of kit.

Well made, looks fantastic and is fantastic. Easy to use for beginners and a proper bit of kit for the pro. 23.04.2016 I would recommend to anybody I know Using welder for my own use 22.02.2016 Very rarely had we a problem with R-Tech machines. 21.05.2015 I'll start by saying I'm not a big player, I'm just a hobbyist.

Wanting to learn how to TIG weld, I was drawn to the R-Tech 201 through the YouTube reviews posted by Doubleboost. The gentleman there, John, seemed to have nothing but good things to say about the welder and the company.

This was a considerable investment for me, but I have to say I couldn't be happier with my decision. The welder is a joy to use, both with stick and TIG. It's handled everything I've thrown at it, even some fairly heavy-duty stick welding, without a hitch. The duty cycle is fantastic. It's not shut down on me once.

And, although I haven't the experience to compare it to another machine, it seemed to be incredibly forgiving to a novice like me with TIG, I'm actually getting quite good now. A breath of fresh air.

Easy to order, super quick to deliver, and there to help if you need it. Dylan, in particular went above and beyond to look after me. Their equipment and service is fantastic, and their company is the sort you wish you could deal with every day. Never having used a TIG before I proceeded to practice on as much ally scrap as I could to familiarise myself with all the controls and what difference they make, and within a few days I was making good strong welds. I need to improve the cosmetics though but that will come with practice.

Being an Asme coded welder I have used lots of welding sets from various makes and class this make as very high quality. Have welded every offcut in the workshop together now and loving it! These chaps are great , nothing is too much trouble , they just get on and sort you out whatever you want. Their approach to customers is exemplary and nothing is too much trouble for them to explain or advise. This is the second machine I have bought from R-Tech as my first one was DC only and I have now developed a wish to learn to weld Aluminium.

Ordered 2:30 7th May on my doorstep 10:30 8th May. Excellent service, thanks to all concerned. Despite it being described as shop soiled I have yet to find the "damage". Thank you also for you call to let me know about the short delay in the dispatch of my subsequent web order. Also the first P60 that arrived had been dropped by the courier and therefore didn't work...

(before they had even collected the broken one) Truly fantastic service, and very keen pricing! He is an aircraft-grade welder for 30 years and says its the best welder he has used on alloy. It is great to deal with a company that supports its customers so well. I will not hesitate to recommend you to other staff and students within the University's Engineering Department. Well recommended; be it sending out new goods or their service and repair of equipment, which I have used. I have used all the top makes EWM, ESAB, MILLER etc...

This machine is as good if not better. Also the MMA side is just as good also. The after sales help and support is second to no one. I will be using R-Tech for all my welding needs from now on.

Then spent time moving the torch and filler rod without the welder on... Then tried ally about 3mm thick after a couple of hours and changing a lot of tungstens.. I managed to get some good welds...

Fantastic service second to none, anybody reading this I would highly recommend R-Tech they are BRILLIANT. R -Tech AC/DC TIG - Aluminium Demonstration. Video will open in a new window.

R -Tech AC/DC TIG - Stainless Steel Demonstration. R -Tech AC / DC Inverter TIG Welder Part One - YouTube. R -Tech AC / DC Inverter TIG Welder Part Two - YouTube. R -Tech AC / DC Inverter TIG Welder Part Three - YouTube.

R -Tech AC / DC Inverter TIG Welder Part Four - YouTube. R -Tech AC / DC Inverter TIG Welder Part Five - YouTube.

Great Product Range & Support. R-Tech Welding Equipment Ltd Unit G1 & G2 Innsworth Technology Park, Innsworth Lane Gloucester UK. The item "TIG Welder AC/DC R-Tech 200 Amp 240v Free foot pedal worth £142" is in sale since Wednesday, October 08, 2014.

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TIG Welder AC/DC R-Tech 200 Amp 240v Free foot pedal worth £142   TIG Welder AC/DC R-Tech 200 Amp 240v Free foot pedal worth £142