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TIG Welder AC/DC Digital R-Tech 170 Amp 240v Free SSC Foot Pedal Worth £190

TIG Welder AC/DC Digital R-Tech 170 Amp 240v Free SSC Foot Pedal Worth £190

TIG Welder AC/DC Digital R-Tech 170 Amp 240v Free SSC Foot Pedal Worth £190   TIG Welder AC/DC Digital R-Tech 170 Amp 240v Free SSC Foot Pedal Worth £190

Wire Wheel & Cup Brushes. Air Hoses & PCL Fittings. Hard Facing Fe6 Arc Electrodes. Cable, Clamps & Dinse Plugs.

Gas Bottles - Rental Free. TIG Welding Gas Pure Argon. Torches & Nozzles - Heavy Duty.

Gas Regulators & Flow Meters. Generators - Honda & Mosa. Socket sets - Star Drive.

Mig Wire Steel A15 - A18. R-Tech P50HF LT Type Torch.

R-Tech P50HF AG Type Torch. R-Tech Digital Series 60 amp.

R-Tech Digital Series 100 amp. Spot Welders Tecna Hand Held. Tig Consumables Kit WP17,18,26. WP17,18,26 Std Gas Lens Cons.

WP17,18,26 Large Gas Lens Cons. WP17,18,26 Back Caps. Tig Consumables Kit WP9,20. WP9,20 Std Gas Lens Cons. WP9,20 Large Gas Lens Cons.

CK TIG Torch Parts-Heads, Etc. R-Tech Torch & Pedal Plugs. Multi and Bulk Value Packs. CK TIG Torches and Spares. CK Series 2 CK-WP 9-20-230.

CK Series 3 CK-WP 17-18-26. The R-Tech TIG170EXT is a feature packed 170Amp AC/DC TIG welder with 240V input, 4 AC waveforms, 9 Job memory store, True 4 way trigger latching with pre/post gas, slope up/down and start/final amps, LED display, advanced pulse welding, SSC remote foot pedal and a massive 60% duty cycle. Built with class leading Siemens IGBT's - Not inferior Mosfets. Professional Ultra Flex Torch - Flexible head and ultra flexible cable & sheath. DC fan cooling system for quieter operation. Digital control panel - designed for easy use. Gives lower running costs, it is more energy efficient, cleans noisy power supplies & is 100% generator friendly. 4 AC Waveforms: Advanced Square Wave, Soft Square wave, Triangular wave & Sine wave. Low starting amperage from 3 Amps DC and 5 Amps AC. Highly efficient Inverter technology - lightweight and power efficient. Microstart HF - improved arc starting and less interference. Ensures an ultra-clean start to your welds. Lift Tig start option when welding near sensitive electronics - Automotive ECUs etc. True 4-way trigger latching with control of pre/post flow gas, initial/final amps, slope up/down. VRD Voltage Reduction in MMA - reduces OCV in standby for increased user safety. Amperage Range: DC 3 to 170 Amps - AC 5 to 170 Amps. Includes a SSC Controls® remote foot pedal made in U. DC 5-170A, AC 10-170A, MMA 20-125A. TIG 170A 60% - MMA 125A 60%. 240v 13A - No load voltage 70v. AC 0.1 - 250 Hz Squarewave. 01 - 10 Hz Soft, Sine & Triangular Wave. DC 0.1 - 500 Hz. Yes - Reduces MMA OCV for user safety. 438H x 232W x 550L (mm). Digital control panel - designed for easy use - Control all parameters from a single button - Easy start and finish set-up - Store up to 9 jobs in memory. 4 AC Waveforms - Advanced Square Wave: fast cooling weld pool, deep penetration and fast travel speed - Soft Square and Sine Wave: Lower arc noise, for a more traditional arc - Triangular Wave: designed for thin alloys, reduces heat input HF Microstart - improved arc starting and less interference. Generator Friendly - Generator must be minimum of 5KVA 240V and fitted with AVR (auto voltage regulation). Package contents: TIG170 Digital Tig Welder, SSC® Remote foot pedal, 4M WP26 Ultra-Flex Tig Torch, 3M Earth Lead, MMA lead, Argon Regulator, Gas hose, Torch consumables pack. R-Tech Customer reviews of the TIG161 AC-DC TIG Welder. 09.08.2017 A great welder which is simple to configure and use and has finally made welding car panels straight forward. 27.07.2017 I have used the welder for both stick and TIG welding and it has performed excellantly for both 10.07.2017 fantastic product I now just need time to get my welded to the same level and quality of the machine 10.07.2017 The Welder is well made and, having set it up, everything works straight out of the box. I haven't used it in anger yet but expect it to be suitable for teaching and training as well as for general fabrication - which is what I will use it for. I will be using it to maintain cars, trailers and for the restoration of classic motorcycles where it will complement my MIG and Stick welders.

03.07.2017 Absolutely fantastic piece of kit and a gift to setup and use. This is not a light machine you can tell straight away it was made to last, anyone thinking of light tig welding would be pleased with this feature packed machine. 06.06.2017 Very high quality. Amazing welder 31.05.2017 Bought it to use for my new business haven't had the pleasure of using it yet but it looks of excellent quality and looks built to last 29.05.2017 Excellent machine of very high quality.

10.05.2017 Still experimenting but love it 04.05.2017 For the price, the welder is excellent. I have used both the AC and DC settings and they are simply to set up and use.

The addition of the foot pedal means everything you need comes straight out of the box! 31.03.2017 Excellent welder, seems very well designed and put together.

1.03.2017 Used for mainly tig welding stainless steel and aluminium. Great for a home workshop or industrial use all in all a great machine 05.08.2016 Every thing is excellent 20.07.2016 First impressions the product has a lot to offer and will take a few weeks to evaluate it's full potential, the set is user friendly and gives plenty of fine adjustments to meet the individuals welders technique all welders weld at different speeds and some may like lower amps. With the memory you can always do a slight adjustment and can have one set as a default and continue to your own personal adjustments to meet the task.

So it' early days only a week of owning the new machine 12.07.2016 Top quality equipment 21.02.2016 Excellent welder and service. Ordered with a water cooler. Easy to setup and use with quality and features that you would pay a lot more for on the big name welders. 07.02.2016 Very pleased with this a professional quality machine at a great price. 12.01.2016 Great welder very pleased Review By Trip / (Posted On 30/10/2015) A Positive Upgrade, A fellow welder recommended an R tech machine to me a few weeks ago and after issues with the A/C control on my machine I tried his ac/dc 251 and went for the 320. I've only had the machine for a week and it has already proved to be so much more versatile than the old Migatronic navigator that it is replacing. The amount of control available has already been an revelation for the work I'm doing. Review By Tom Paterson / (Posted On 24/07/2015) I cant recommend these guys enough. Its a shame in this day and age that great customer service needs to be shouted about, but these guys are brilliant. I had the 160A DC unit for about 5 years and it was a great unit, made the decision to upgrade - initially I ordered a 3 phase machine which they took back and swapped out without hesitation. Review By Cedric Crozier / (Posted On 14/07/2015) Excellent Service!

When I received my New R-Tech AC/DC 210EXT I had a few of the torch pieces missing in the box, after I contacted them, the Guys sent me a complete replacement set & a few extras to get me started! Welder is top notch & I have had a few chaps comparing it to units they bought for three times the price as the weld quality is equal if not better! Welds all materials very well & great on cast iron we have discovered even when using cheap cast rods. I can recommend these guys to anyone!

We will be dealing here again for sure! Review By Craig / (Posted On 21/06/2015) Thank You R-Tech For Your Fantastic Support And Ex Thank you R-Tech for your fantastic support and excellent service - Don't shop anywhere else - these guys really know their stuff!!!

Thank you to both Dylan and Joe for all their help, excellent advise and brilliant customer service - the test of any decent company. From ordering it to it arriving at my house was less than 24 hours - it really doesn't get better than that! Just need to wire it all up and get going - literally can't wait!! Fabrication & Transport / (Posted On 01/02/2015) What a service!!! Daz Higgs was spot on in every way, highly recommended!!!

I have an R-Tech TIG 210 and have used Miller and Cebora and I must say the R-Tech machine is very very good, you would pay 4 times the price for the same features in a Miller. I'm so impressed I will replace all my machines for R-Tech ones from now on, thanks guys Review By Pambos Charalambous / (Posted On 24/11/2014) The best support on the global market. Why oh why did I not do it before, this is a really good set, everything you need was supplied along with an instruction book that tells you what you need to know rather than a million things you don't. Very impressed with the quality of the product and the customer service is 2nd to none. R -Tech DIGITAL AC/DC TIG - Aluminium Demonstration. Video will open in a new window. R -Tech DIGITAL AC/DC TIG - Stainless Steel Demonstration. R -Tech DIGITAL AC/DC TIG Welder Review Part One - YouTube. R -Tech DIGITAL AC/DC TIG Welder Review Part Two - YouTube.

Great Product Range & Support. R-Tech Welding Equipment Ltd Unit G1 & G2 Innsworth Technology Park, Innsworth Lane Gloucester UK. The item "TIG Welder AC/DC Digital R-Tech 170 Amp 240v Free SSC Foot Pedal Worth £190" is in sale since Wednesday, November 11, 2015. This item is in the category "Business, Office & Industrial\Metalworking/Milling/Welding\Welding & Soldering\Welding\Welders, Cutters & Torches\TIG Welders". The seller is "rtechwelding" and is located in GB.

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TIG Welder AC/DC Digital R-Tech 170 Amp 240v Free SSC Foot Pedal Worth £190   TIG Welder AC/DC Digital R-Tech 170 Amp 240v Free SSC Foot Pedal Worth £190