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TIG Welder 160AMP AC/DC 240V. Free foot pedal worth £148 0% Finance Available

TIG Welder 160AMP AC/DC 240V. Free foot pedal worth £148 0% Finance Available

TIG Welder 160AMP AC/DC 240V. Free foot pedal worth £148 0% Finance Available    TIG Welder 160AMP AC/DC 240V. Free foot pedal worth £148 0% Finance Available

Wire Wheel & Cup Brushes. Air Hoses & PCL Fittings. Hard Facing Fe6 Arc Electrodes.

Cable, Clamps & Dinse Plugs. Gas Bottles - Rental Free. TIG Welding Gas Pure Argon. Torches & Nozzles - Heavy Duty. Gas Regulators & Flow Meters.

Generators - Honda & Mosa. Socket sets - Star Drive. Mig Wire Steel A15 - A18. R-Tech P50HF LT Type Torch. R-Tech P50HF AG Type Torch.

R-Tech Digital Series 60 amp. R-Tech Digital Series 100 amp. Spot Welders Tecna Hand Held.

Tig Consumables Kit WP17,18,26. WP17,18,26 Std Gas Lens Cons. WP17,18,26 Large Gas Lens Cons.

WP17,18,26 Back Caps. Tig Consumables Kit WP9,20. WP9,20 Std Gas Lens Cons.

WP9,20 Large Gas Lens Cons. CK TIG Torch Parts-Heads, Etc. R-Tech Torch & Pedal Plugs. Multi and Bulk Value Packs. CK TIG Torches and Spares.

CK Series 2 CK-WP 9-20-230. CK Series 3 CK-WP 17-18-26. TIG Welder 160AMP AC/DC 240V.

The TIG 161 AC/DC 160Amp Inverter TIG Welder features HF microstart, AC squarewave adjustment to 250hz, pulse welding, slope up/down, LED display, high 35% duty cycle and includes a remote foot pedal. Professional Ultra Flex Torch - Flexible head and ultra flexible cable & sheath.

160A output at 35% duty cycle. 240V 13A Input required - use anywhere with a 13A socket. Adjustable AC squarewave frequency up to 250hz, allowing greater control of weld pool giving less heat de-formation, quicker travel speed compared to lesser featured TIG welders.

Suitable for welding all types of steel and alloys , welds material up to 5mm thickness. Microstart HF - improved arc starting and less interference - What is this?

Ensures an ultra-clean start to your welds. 4-way trigger latching with control of post flow gas, slope up/down.

Full featured pulse welding AC & DC Modes - to allow greater control of heat into the weld pool resulting in less heat de-formation when compared to lesser featured TIG welders. DC 10-160A, AC 20-160A, MMA 20-130A. TIG 160A 35% - MMA 130A 35%.

240v 13A - No load voltage 70v. Shows preset & actual amperage. AC 0.5 - 25 Hz. 515 x 220W x 395 (mm).

Yes - 240V output for optional water cooler. Yes - Cooling fan with thermostatic protection. Package Includes, R-Tech Tig161 AC/DC Tig Welder, R-Tech Pro remote foot pedal, 4M WP26 Air Cooled Tig Torch, Earth Lead, MMA Lead, Gas Hose, Mains Cable, Argon Regulator, Owners Manual, Torch Consumables Kit including Tungstens. Generator Friendly - Generator must be minimum of 5KVA and fitted with AVR (auto voltage regulation).

R-Tech Customer reviews of the TIG161 AC-DC TIG Welder. 12.10.2016 Quality is second to none! 06.08.2016 Excellent equipment, at a reasonable price in comparison to others of same Quality and Statistics.

19.07.2016 After initial start up hiccup, operator error, all working well. 06.05.2016 Great product. Hope to use within the next few weeks 18.04.2016 The product is good. It will be used for modifying motorbike frames, generally - but the ability to weld aluminium will also be very useful.

06.03.2016 I bought this machine primarily for home and hobby use and would recommend it. It is solid and appears well built and the accessories are of good quality. Not having used an inverter before, I found it very smooth in use and the settings precise in MMA mode compared to my transformer machine. Likewise in TIG mode, though as a novice to TIG, I don't have a much by way of a yardstick to compare it with. I bought from R Tech because of their excellent feedback online and my experience of the team there concurred with what I read in the forums that I consulted.

Overall, I'd recommend this machine and R Tech without hesitation. 20.02.2016 I do a lot of welding around boats, and this is ideal for welding stainless and aluminium. 11.12.2015 I use the welder for aluminium work and stainless steel, I do a lot of work for a local boat club making fixtures and fittings for yachts and motor boats. I would recommend this particular welding set to anyone who is looking for a top end hobby set that is more than capable of doing semi commercial work. The build quality is fantastic, I cant fault the machine at all, it comes with a torch, gas reg and pedal all you have to do is add a plug and bottle of gas, you even get a set of consumables to get you started.

I knew this job was going to be tough due to the tight area I had to work in, differing heat absorption (engine mounts around patch) and being that the repair had been attempted before and there were at least two different types of aluminium, paint and oil soaked into the porous repair and casting, however the little gem overcame all the obstacles that were in front of it and I think this was in no small part due to the controllability the TIG161 provides, anyway although the beads are not very cosmetic due to conditions mentioned above the porous area is now permanently patched leak free and probably stronger than original, on low power and high HF she even managed to build up the mating surface which was left 1mm too low by the previous repairer, a careful trim with a sharp file and that's leak free too, By the way I really wanted an AC/DC TIG and used the bike repair as an excuse but don't tell the wife, On another important matter I can honestly say I have never dealt with a company like yours before, I really mean thatâ you will have all my business from now on, I feel safe in the knowledge that it is your top priority to support your customers and don't exist just to push boxes, if only all companies had your business ethics! 27.03.2015 I would like to thank you for the good service that I received when I ordered my TIG161 Welder that I received from you, received very promptly and packed perfectly.

I will have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my friends thanks again. Regards William Southgate (Cornwall) 23.02.2015 Read all about your product on line. Did lots of research on the product. Great machine but tig torch a bit heavy. I need to upgrade my current air compressor, no prizes for the person who guesses who is going to get my business.

Would recommend R Tech to anybody looking for good service and quality equipment. Anyway, anyone thinking of getting a TIG, do it, its not as difficult to master as you might think, on my 6th attempt I managed a very very clean professional looking weld on mild steel, a lot easier than I thought it was going to be!

I have a stick welder that looks like it could've been used in the construction of Noah's ark and a Clarke MIG 151 which I've used a fair bit so I'd consider myself still very much an amateur but with a little welding knowledge. I didn't have too big a budget but wanted to get a decent enough machine that I could use from time to time for years to come on various thicknesses of various metals. With the guarantee supplied and the reviews these guys had it really was a no-brainer to go for these machines. Played with the plasma a fair bit over the past week and its a wee weapon!!!

Trust me, you need this in your life! Does what I need it to do with plenty of consumables in the box for the head to last aaaaaaages!! Took me a while to get to grips with the TIG but after almost a week of practice in the evenings I'm almost ready to get the materials for making the aluminium roof rack on the van and some stainless balustrade for a staircase. Best couple of tools and best friendly, understanding, quick service I've had in years!!!!!

A very solid 12/10 from me guys!!! Previously had a wsme-200 Chinese set first one failed in short order second one always flaky difficult to use poor arc starting finally died after two years and little use.

I set the machine up and was welding in 15 mins like an expert , smooth controllable superb machine half the size of the old one and twice the weight. But I made the right choice as this machine is streets ahead in quality and its multiple functions. The customer service from R-Tech is excellent too. Top marks all round to R-Tech. I do have one request, lets see more video's from your superb star of the video, he imparts knowledge so well and cracks me up with the minor bloopers that make it entertaining as well. I have one of their excellent Mig welders as well and that has given excellent service so far. The service was again very fast and efficient, build quality 100% excellent and is packed with more features than I know what to do with yet : The foot pedal give excellent control and my practice is coming along nicely.

I'd read the customer reviews and it all seemed quite positive. I ordered it last Monday, and it arrived within 24 hours. I tried it out at the weekend and was very impressed with the machine. I did have a question which I emailed, and got a reply within one hour!

All I can do is highly recommend the 161, and the company service is first class. Its build quality and operation are excellent and I hope it will serve me as faithfully as the TIG unit I bought from you a long time ago which is still going well. Phoned up to order Dylan couldn't be any more helpful. Really easy to use and I'd have expected it to have been far more expensive than it was. Found tig with this on mild steel easier than using a mig welder!

All in all great bit of kit a great price and great service. I already have a DC TIG , which is a lift start TIG. I could weld with it but was never really 100% happy with the results, hence why I unsure about upgrading and why it took me so long to decide.

I did though, want to be able to weld aluminium so I decided to take the plunge. The first thing that struck me was the size. My old TIG welder was shoe box size, this new unit is 3 to 4 times larger and just looks the part.

So I got it to work to put it to the test and what can I say but WOW this is awesome its an absolutely brilliant piece of kit. I don't know what I was worried about, my only wish is that I wish I had bought it 2 years ago. It's an absolute dream to use.

I use it for my hobby and not for commercial use, so all I can say if your thinking about getting one then DO IT. Trust me you will not be disappointed. I would give it 10 stars if I could. What's more I got it the following day, how's that for service. I really needed the machine that day to get a job out and Joe and the team came to my rescue and sent someone with another set 160 miles to us to make sure I got it that day. To top the customer service is the equipment which is second to none. I have been in speciality aluminium welding for over 10 years and used some of the bigger 3 phase AC sets from some of the'best' manufactures costing's I have never used a 160 amp set with such a usable power output. It feels like a 200+ amp set when using it to its full potential. I was also very impressed with the equipment supplied with the set. Everything required to get started immediately just add gas and metal and your away! The machine is very good works a treat.. I had a small problem with one of the buttons so gave them a call thier tech guys said pack it back up and they will have it picked up from my home with a new one delivered at the same time.. What can I say where else would you get this kind of service! Points out of ten for R-Tech would have to be an eleven. Will use them for all my welding and cutting needs. If your looking for the best bang for your bucks R-tech will look after you.

Thats what I call a brilliant service. Also bought a trolly for the above mig, both arrived together.

Tig is shop soiled, I cant see a mark on it. This is the first Tig that I have owned, used one only once before so have got a lot of learning to do.

But I can't fault this company or it's Tig. Can't say I was over confident. After some teething problems which were all due to welder's difficulty transferring DC skills to AC it all worked out incredibly well. All operator teething problems were dealt with magnificently by R-Tech who'did what it took' to ensure their product performed and was able to complete the job 100%.

They know their products and give good advice. Most of the other firms I have dealt with, for my welding kit in the past, could learn a lot from R-Tech's approach to their customers. What I never bargained on was the fantastic service. Dylan was superb and sorted me out with a great package, Extremely helpful and what is so rare these days! I also bought a Hawk Vision Welding Mask (Pro Foot Pedal was included in the price) and I have to say both the service and the equipment were both excellent.

I would not hesitate to recommend R-Tech to anyone; all equipment was solid, quality stuff and for it being shop soiled, well, I cant find a mark on it! I have been teaching my son to weld with it and he is getting a nice silver blue yellow weld after 2 days; absolutely spot on.

Polite and efficient accounts staff. This is what every customer likes to have.

The gentleman I spoke to could not have been more helpful. I've yet to try the welder, but have no doubts it will more than meet my needs. It does an excellent job on Stick and TIG. I was prepared for a slightly lacklustre performance, as is often found with single phase machines, but this does the job like any three phase I have used. I would happily recommend one of this range of welders to anyone. It's not used commercially, but I think it would cope with light industrial use perfectly well.

R -Tech AC/DC TIG - Aluminium Demonstration. Video will open in a new window.

R -Tech AC/DC TIG - Stainless Steel Demonstration. R -Tech AC / DC Inverter TIG Welder Part One - YouTube. R -Tech AC / DC Inverter TIG Welder Part Two - YouTube. R -Tech AC / DC Inverter TIG Welder Part Three - YouTube. R -Tech AC / DC Inverter TIG Welder Part Four - YouTube.

R -Tech AC / DC Inverter TIG Welder Part Five - YouTube. Great Product Range & Support. R-Tech Welding Equipment Ltd Unit G1 & G2 Innsworth Technology Park, Innsworth Lane Gloucester UK. The item "TIG Welder 160AMP AC/DC 240V.

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TIG Welder 160AMP AC/DC 240V. Free foot pedal worth £148 0% Finance Available    TIG Welder 160AMP AC/DC 240V. Free foot pedal worth £148 0% Finance Available