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Stamos Welding Power Supply Wig AC/DC TIG MMA Aluminum Pulse 220A Inverter

Stamos Welding Power Supply Wig AC/DC TIG MMA Aluminum Pulse 220A Inverter
Stamos Welding Power Supply Wig AC/DC TIG MMA Aluminum Pulse 220A Inverter
Stamos Welding Power Supply Wig AC/DC TIG MMA Aluminum Pulse 220A Inverter
Stamos Welding Power Supply Wig AC/DC TIG MMA Aluminum Pulse 220A Inverter
Stamos Welding Power Supply Wig AC/DC TIG MMA Aluminum Pulse 220A Inverter
Stamos Welding Power Supply Wig AC/DC TIG MMA Aluminum Pulse 220A Inverter
Stamos Welding Power Supply Wig AC/DC TIG MMA Aluminum Pulse 220A Inverter

Stamos Welding Power Supply Wig AC/DC TIG MMA Aluminum Pulse 220A Inverter    Stamos Welding Power Supply Wig AC/DC TIG MMA Aluminum Pulse 220A Inverter
Stamos Welding Power Supply Wig AC/DC - TIG MMA Aluminum Pulse 220A Inverter. This product data sheet is originally written in English. Stamos welding: Designed in Germany and designed. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Competent customer service in 9 languages. Aluminum welder - TIG-AC/DC - 220 A - 230 V - pulse - 2/4-stroke. 220 A / 230 V. Duty cycle of 60% at 220 A. TIG welding machine with AC and DC suitable for aluminium. Precise welding through precise control of all welding parameters. Adjustable values for gas post-flow time, duty cycle, pulse rate, pulse and clean width. Powerful MOSFET technology with 2/4-stroke circuit and HF-ignition. The welding machine S-ALU 220 of Stamos power provides you with a professional device for the WIG - and welding.

With a welding current from 10 to 220 a. TIG - or E-manual welding method can be used depending on which metal and welded under what conditions you want to. The welding machine is ideally suited for thin sheet metal.

The high-performance aluminum welding machine for all auto-welding metals. At a Duty 60% of the welding current has a maximum capacity of 220 A. Adjusts the performance on 170 A download can be welded without interruption. The high performance values, the device can quickly and accurately weld to even thicker metals up to 8 mm.

The CONTROL PANEL is very clear designed and can be easily used with welders gloves. Five toggle switches are directly the basic functions (TIG, MMA, AC, DC, 2 T, 4 T, pulse, where from) selected for welding.

With 8 infinitely variable rotary encoders, the required values for the current can following as well as the pulse frequency, pulse width, the gas post-flow time and the clean width value will be set. The large LED display, you have the current ampere value at a glance.

The welding device, you have the option to the AC DC Tig welding , so you can work depending on the metal by DC or AC. Alternating current (AC) is suitable for the processing of light metals such as aluminium or titanium. Direct current (DC) can be used for welding of more robust metals such as steel, stainless steel, copper or brass. While welding the burner with little sparks and spatter and produces welds of high quality and purity which leave hardly any deformations. Welding in different positions is also possible, either vertically, horizontally, or over head.

For the Tig welding can Pulse function be activated simply on the control panel. It allows among others the precise welding of thin sheets.

For various parameters such as pulse rate, as well as the initial base or current can be selected and adjusted using the rotary knob. The machine uses the MOSFET inverter technology , which convinces with a degree of efficiency of 93% and guarantees a stable welding current. The results are perfect welds. The arc welding is activated via the proven high-frequency ignition (HF).

More typical functionalities of Tig welding, such as the choice between DC - or AC mode and simple switching between 2 - or 4-stroke welding, can the control panel directly and easily be adjusted. The flexible E manual electrode welding without extra gas.

For the Welding (MMA) no additional gas is required so that it can be used outdoors even in strong winds. The welding machine is thus a very stable current on which the voltage is kept secure.

Be achieved very good welding results in a variety of metals. The E-hand Terminal contains large electrodes with a diameter of up to 4 mm. With the E-manual welding method the device welded materials from 1.5 to 8 mm thickness such as steel, iron, cast iron, nickel or copper. With the welding machine installations and maintenance of railings, stairs, gates and doors, containers or equipment made of metal can be carried out correctly. The air cooled and the overheating protection of the welding unit, displayed next to the LED display, provide for the long-lasting reliability and longevity This welding machine.

A handle in the stable metal housing facilitates the transport device, the supplied hoses and cables with lengths of 3 to 4 m to allow maximum freedom of movement during welding. JM AC / DC, MMA. Operating time / duty cycle. Welding current at 100% ED.

0.5 - 5 Hz. 1 - 3.2 mm. 1.6 - 4 mm. 1.5 - 8 mm.

2 - / 4-tact switch. Length of electrode holder with cable.

48 x 24 x 50 cm. 65 x 31 x 55 cm. Technical drawing in English - download PDF. The machine uses the MOS-FET technology. This technology is available for maximum performance with small dimensions and low weight.

Result is a 93% efficiency! The welding current is very stable and thus ensure a perfect welding seam. Powerful fans ensure an optimal removal of the heat out of the housing. A shielding gas is required for the TIG/MIG/MAG welding.

Using inert gases such as argon and helium as well as mixtures of active gases E. A solenoid valve that regulates the flow of gas. The valve is operated via a knob on the burner. A screw with grounding mark is located on the back of each welding unit. Before use, the unit via a cable is to Earth, which is at least 6 mm2 Querschnitt. The unit can be operated using a foot pedal. The device works with a 1-phase connection (230V +/-10%). A non-contact high-frequency ignition in TIG mode ensures a cleaner weld start point.

Value of the output current to the arc ignition. This value can be adjusted freely.

For precision welding is recommended as far as possible to reduce the current to gently to start the welding and weld after a certain time with appropriate power. Value of the output stream before the end of the welding.

Welding current prevents the emergence of a crater at the end of the weld. Time after the welding, where gas continue out of the torch flows and thus cools the burner and protects the weld from oxidation in the case of welding. The feature reduces the heat to the material. It is primarily suitable for welding thin plates. In MIG welding, it is perfect to the Stal.

Frequency of impulses during the welding process in pulse mode. Ratio of the pulse duration to the duration of the period. Maximum value of the current in pulse mode. Power which maintains the arc in pulse mode.

Percent difference between the time of the positive and negative flow direction in a welding current period. This function allows control over the width of the weld and the penetration depth. CLEAN WIDTH - PARAMETER OF AC POWER BALANCE. Means the start of welding when the torch button and the shut-off when you let go of the switch. The solenoid valve opens the burner switch and gas flows in.

After the gas pre-flow ignites the arc with the initial value of current. When releasing the torch button, the current value of the output current value rises up on the welding current value. Welding stops when you press the torch button again. Not abschmelzender welding under protective gas atmosphere of inert gases. "2T / 4T" SELECTOR SWITCH.

Choice between the operating modes "2T" and "4t". TIG welding is divided into AC (alternating current) welding and DC (direct current) welding. Is used for on and off the pulse function. SWITCH BETWEEN THE WELDING METHODS. Using the SHIFT key, you can select the welding mode. Shows the welding or cutting parameters. This status LED lights up following overheating or malfunction. Aluminium welding machine S-ALU 220. Ground cable with clamp: 3 m. Electrode holder with cable: 3 m. 3 gas nozzles (1,6 / 2,4 / 3,3 mm). Tungsten electrode, ø 2 mm. 3 collets (5, 6, 7 mm).

The Stamos welding Group offers you a variety of different, modern welding equipment at very competitive prices. Whether plasma cutter, combination units, like MIG, TIG or MMA welding equipment - Stamos welding Group's products are designed for everyday use and satisfy both professional and private demands. The Stamos welding group attaches great importance to the further development and improvement of our product range, which is why the quality of goods is enormous. STAMOS at the fair: ExpoWelding.

The STAMOS welding Group presents itself on the major events in the welding industry. During the international welding fair ExpoWel, the brand of Stamos was awarded for the spectacular form of presentation.

The fair ExpoWelding takes place regularly every 2 years in Sosnowiec, Poland, and is one of the most important events of the welding industry in Central and Eastern Europe. About 170 companies from Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Taiwan, Spain, Italy, as well as from Turkey took part in the fair.

During the fair, the stand of the STAMOS welding group learn, were a great popularity has visited our booth also of a wide range of proven welding experts and constructive discussions are achieved. Special attention has been Omega 500 to our innovation, the MIG/MAG welding machine. The integrated technology was developed by our German research and Development Center STAMOS Germany and en. Was it placed particular emphasis on the usability in the labour-intensive and demanding applications in the industry and the production.

As we have made the device for all visitors freely available, to even lend a hand to they were very convinced of the parameters and the quality of the welds. Here also the high comfort of the welding machine WELBACH praised Omega 500.

To give you even a short impression of the successful performance of the STAMOS welding group, you will find a small photo report on the fair ExpoWelding here. STAMOS WELDING GROUP DESIGNED IN GERMANY, PRODUCED IN CHINA BY GERMAN QUALITY STANDARDS. Our devices are designed in Germany and also the design is done in this country.

For obvious reasons of cost, the production is outsourced to China. WHAT SETS US APART FROM THE REST? The production of welding machines in China is subject to the German quality control and this always during the entire production process. The STAMOS WELDING GROUP can produce in several of its factories in China. While the factories are allocated to the respective quality requirements of production lines.

STAMOS GERMANY The Red series is aimed in particular at price-conscious customers. Good quality but in the low-budget range.

STAMOS GERMANY PRO SERIES The devices have a 8 meter cable run. Also, the installed parts are execution quality, more powerful and longer-lasting than at the default Stamos. These models are particularly suited to customers much weld and need a maximum working distance to the device. The recycling capability and energy efficiency is higher than with other devices.

Use of: low-emission paints, adhesives, cables, and plastics. Increased production controls to ensure a sustainability corresponding to the age of and to reduce the environmental load. The use of more energy-efficient components ensures minimal performance loss. STAMOS GERMANY SELECTION The "luxurious" STAMOS SELECTION stands for excellent quality, perfect welds and cuts, as well as highest design standards. These devices stand out with a unique design (first device type in this price class, which ensures a high quality composite mix of special metals and plastics). A higher capacity & professional use guarantees the use of higher quality controls & connectors, and special selection of components of first class (including Toshiba).

There is a 100% quality control of all incoming materials, as well as every stage of the manufacturing process and multiple testing of the final product on aspects such as processing, power and resistance. STAMOS POWER It's an evolution of our previous Stamos series.

The devices are high-quality than their predecessors and highlight through improved performance. Use of qualitatively higher valued and long-lasting connections and cables, especially power MOSFET transistors and other components. Fabrication by highly professional SMT machines (say the individual components are fully automated machines, which use the surface mount technology, millimeter, mounted to the use of lasers on the boards) for the Assembly of single Components and in particular for the production of circuit boards, providing a consistent, continuous performance.

WELBACH We still continue our innovation technology and introduce our digital brand WELBACH welding machines. The devices are fully using the Stamos-machine-interface digital can be operated. The high-quality control panels ensure maximum comfort. The digital signal processors with audit all parameters, so that the conducted operations at any time conform to the exact values. The plasma cutter of the Welbach series equipped also with original TRAFIMET® plasma burners.

23,7 A (WIG) 36,3 A (MMA). Schweißstrom bei 100 % ED. 170 A (WIG) 170 A (MMA). 60 % (WIG) 60 % (MMA).

6,6 kVA (WIG) 10,1 kVA (MMA). Schweißstrom bei 60 % ED. 220 A (WIG) 220 A (MMA). 30,8 A (WIG) 47,2 A (MMA). 5,1 kVA (WIG) 7,8 kVA (MMA).

1 - 3,2 mm. The item "Stamos Welding Power Supply Wig AC/DC TIG MMA Aluminum Pulse 220A Inverter" is in sale since Wednesday, April 18, 2018. This item is in the category "Business, Office & Industrial\Metalworking/Milling/Welding\Welding & Soldering\Welding\Welders, Cutters & Torches\TIG Welders". The seller is "*" and is located in Berlin. This item can be shipped to European Union member countries.

  1. Power Factor: 0,73
  2. Power balance (AC): 20 - 80 %
  3. Electrode diameter (MMA): 1 - 4 mm
  4. Welding current at 60 % ED: 220 A (WIG) 220 A (MMA)
  5. EAN: 4260223027291
  6. MPN: 2125
  7. Input power max.: 6,6 kVA (WIG) 10,1 kVA (MMA)
  8. Nominal Input Current: 23,7 A (WIG) 36,3 A (MMA)
  9. Equipment Cooling: Power Fan
  10. Gas Post-flow Time: 1 - 10 s
  11. Efficiency (under Rated Power): 0,85
  12. Switch for 2-/4-Takt-Betrieb: Yes
  13. Brand: Stamos Welding
  14. Isolation Class: F
  15. Pulse Current: 10 - 220 A
  16. Welding current at 100 % ED: 170 A (WIG) 170 A (MMA)
  17. Input Frequency: 50/60hz
  18. Open-circuit Voltage: 59 V
  19. Duty Cycle / Duty Cycle: 60 % (WIG) 60 % (MMA)
  20. Burner Cooling: Gas

Stamos Welding Power Supply Wig AC/DC TIG MMA Aluminum Pulse 220A Inverter    Stamos Welding Power Supply Wig AC/DC TIG MMA Aluminum Pulse 220A Inverter