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Plasma Cutter 12mm Cut 30amp 240v, R-Tech P30C FREE Consumables kit worth £70

Plasma Cutter 12mm Cut 30amp 240v, R-Tech P30C FREE Consumables kit worth £70

Plasma Cutter 12mm Cut 30amp 240v, R-Tech P30C FREE Consumables kit worth £70  Plasma Cutter 12mm Cut 30amp 240v, R-Tech P30C FREE Consumables kit worth £70
Wire Wheel & Cup Brushes. Air Hoses & PCL Fittings. Hard Facing Fe6 Arc Electrodes. Cable, Clamps & Dinse Plugs.

Gas Bottles - Rental Free. TIG Welding Gas Pure Argon. Torches & Nozzles - Heavy Duty. Gas Regulators & Flow Meters. Generators - Honda & Mosa.

Socket sets - Star Drive. Mig Wire Steel A15 - A18. R-Tech P50HF LT Type Torch. R-Tech P50HF AG Type Torch.

R-Tech Digital Series 60 amp. R-Tech Digital Series 100 amp. Spot Welders Tecna Hand Held. Tig Consumables Kit WP17,18,26.

WP17,18,26 Std Gas Lens Cons. WP17,18,26 Large Gas Lens Cons. WP17,18,26 Back Caps. Tig Consumables Kit WP9,20. WP9,20 Std Gas Lens Cons.

WP9,20 Large Gas Lens Cons. CK TIG Torch Parts-Heads, Etc.

R-Tech Torch & Pedal Plugs. Multi and Bulk Value Packs.

CK TIG Torches and Spares. CK Series 2 CK-WP 9-20-230. CK Series 3 CK-WP 17-18-26. The R-Tech P30C plasma cutter features 8mm Genuine clean cut on mild steel and 12mm severance cut, its lightweight, portable and works of a 13A supply, features high frequency starting for easy starting of cuts and low cost long life consumables. 8mm genuine clean cut on mild steel.

Includes 4.5m Torch, earth lead, air regulator and torch consumables. Comes as a complete kit all you need is a supply of compressed air and a 240V 13Amp supply. HF arc starting enables easy starting of cut. Consumables kit includes 5 x Tips, 5 x Electrodes, 3 x Gas distributors and Shrouds.

20 x Tips & Electrodes, 10 x Gas Distributors, 10 x Shield Cups - Keeping you cutting for longer! 390 x 190 x 290 mm. Yes - Cools torch when cutting stopped. Yes - Enables easy arc starting.

Yes - Cooling fan with thermostatic protection. Digital display for amps - Ideal if you need your equipment calibrating for ISO requirements.

Quick Fit Torch 4.5M with long life consumables. Package Includes, R-Tech Plasma30C plasma cutter, 4.5m plasma cutter torch, earth lead, mains cable, air pressure regulator and PCL fitting, owners manual, standard torch consumables kit - 5 x tips/electrodes, 3x Shield Cups, 3 x Gas distributors. R-Tech Customer reviews of the P30C Plasma Cutter.

17.10.2017 Very impressed with this tool. Would recommend this product to anyone wanting one. 21.09.2017 Would recommend for anyone for home and light industrial cutting/fabrication. 16.09.2017 Excellent piece of kit 08.09.2017 Works well out of the box.

No experience on other plasma cutters but I managed to cut mild steel within a few minutes. A more detailed user's manual would be nice: how to assemble the torch and some basic instructions on how to cut stuff! 04.09.2017 Great little plasma cutter. Well built and does just what I want of it.

The unit looks the part, it's relatively quiet and easy to use. I can see myself upgrading to the 50A unit just because I was the pilot arc, the 30A unit is more than adiquate for anything I cut in my play shed 12.06.2017 Small, powerful and just the job for us as we only cut material up to 3mm thick 14.05.2017 Excellent product. Easy to set up and use. Regularly cutting all sizes up to 10mm steel. 31.03.2017 I use the set for cutting leaf blanks for hot forging into shape.

It was very simple to set up and I would recommend it for anyone involved with light to medium sheet metalwork. 24.03.2017 I do a lot of welding and fabrication of 4wd vehicles and the p30c is excellent. I decided on this model because it runs of a 13amp plug and is a decent price. Customer service was excellent and once I got it home I cut a chassis up the next day for some templates. Rest assured this will cut through rusty and painted metal with no problem.

Great service 18.09.2016 Would recommend. Used for light repair work.

Product seems excellent where only 13A supply available. 09.08.2016 Great bit of kit 31.07.2016 As a gamekeeper always doing other jobs in the field. Told other keepers all about my New tool on the NGO web 29.07.2016 Quality product, no problems, works straight out of the box. Bought for home workshop use, very easy to use.

19.07.2016 Faultless service and product! 13.07.2016 Only used it to test it so far but it seems to work fine on ally and mild steel quick and easy cutting of the 5mm steel we tested and im sure will cut thicker stuff great too. 12.07.2016 I use the cutter for cutting all types of metal while constructing metal art work and outdoor log fires. This was the best product on the market and most affordable and works great.

12.05.2016 This is an excellent plasma cutter. I've never owned one before and this has been bought to try and ease the demand on 9 cutting discs.

It glides through 10mm steel like butter and I'm able to make a really neat job of any fabrication. I considered both this cutter and slightly cheaper ones from elsewhere on the internet, but went for the R-tech on their reputation for quality. This is used in an agricultural environment where tools don't always get the best treatment, but I fully expect the P30C to stand up to any punishment I can give it.

When it's time to upgrade the workshop welder in the coming months, R-tech will be my first (and likely only) call. 12.05.2016 Cuts 8mm steel as advertised. 29.04.2016 Great machine.

18.04.2016 Excellent quality. 16.04.2016 Great product would recommend it to anyone who wants a reliable product with good service 14.04.2016 Easy to setup, and quick to get working.

Nice small torch for difficult access areas and the HF start keeps arc going very well. 18.03.2016 Used for cutting up a dutch Barge. 09.03.2016 I'm just starting to use a plasma cutter The one I got works great I would recommend it 21.02.2016 General workshop use.

Ideal for the smaller restoration outfit like ourselves. 15.02.2016 Bought as a present for father in law. Had to be easy to set up and use. Plenty powerful enough for workshop.

08.02.2016 Replacement for Oxy-acetalene cutting torches in fabrication. 06.02.2016 P30c excellent tool to have if you like tinkering , making & mending at home, can be used from a standard 13 amp plug, and the product really does everything that it is clamed to do. 25.01.2016 Never owned a plasma cutter before but soon realised I needed one , already owning an r tech ac/dc tig welder I knew an r tech plasma is the way to go. Had it 2 weeks now and its being used regularly, couldn't be without it now!

Quality machine and great cuts on 6mm steel. So simple to use and I certainly recommended this machine. 15.01.2016 Got 2 projects to finish vw t4 and a vauxhall astra mk1 11.12.2015 Brilliant build quality, and performance too. Great bit of kit and would certainly recommend 5 stars 11.12.2015 An excellent piece of kit. The first results were encouraging.

Will need a bit of practice to improve my results. On time, I have tried it out on some 6mm plate. I'm very impressed at the cutting speed, nice clean cut, you get plenty of spare consumables, would recommend this well made piece of kit. I have a stick welder that looks like it could've been used in the construction of Noah's ark and a Clarke MIG 151 which I've used a fair bit so I'd consider myself still very much an amateur but with a little welding knowledge. I didn't have too big a budget but wanted to get a decent enough machine that I could use from time to time for years to come on various thicknesses of various metals. With the guarantee supplied and the reviews these guys had it really was a no-brainer to go for these machines.

Played with the plasma a fair bit over the past week and its a wee weapon!!! Trust me, you need this in your life!

Does what I need it to do with plenty of consumables in the box for the head to last aaaaaaages!! Took me a while to get to grips with the TIG but after almost a week of practice in the evenings I'm almost ready to get the materials for making the aluminium roof rack on the van and some stainless balustrade for a staircase. Best couple of tools and best friendly, understanding, quick service I've had in years!!!!! A very solid 12/10 from me guys!!!

Its been used on mild steel and stainless from 1mm thick upto 10mm and aluminium from 1.5 to 6mm. I cant begin to imagine the total length of cuts it made or the hours its saved with a hacksaw and or grinder. I would recommend it to anybody. I've already recommended these to some friends who use cutters and they are impressed with the P30C as well.

I took a gamble on this and to be fair wasn't expecting super clean cuts especially in thicker steel plate. Well, I'm very impressed to say the least.

It's small and compact, a doddle to set up and it has cut everything I've thrown at it with ease. I do alot of welding on cars for mot's and the beauty of this is that it runs off a 13 amp plug so it means I can take it away from the workshop and use it to cut away rust in relative silence compared to an angle grinder! Out and about, meaning less noise disruption for neighbours etc.

The only downside I have found is that when cutting aluminium sheet(16 gauge), it sometimes would loose the arc and not cut cleanly. This is probably down to my poor technique than a fault with the machine. What an absolute brilliant piece of kit. I've never used a plasma before, but the instructions were clear and concise, and enabled me to get great results after just a few minutes..

To quote a saying "it does what it says, on the tin", and it does.. A great advantage is this machine WILL run off a standard 3 pin 13A supply.. It is so easy to use, i just cant find fault, and i'm very critical.. For me it's proved itself as being the missing link in my workshop armoury..

The consumables just seem to last on and on and on, so the supplied spares will last absolutely ages.. I've cut 40ft of 2mm plate, and the electrode/tip hardly shows any signs of wear at all..

The HF start facility is just great and works every time without fail.. Even the carry strap, the quality shows, it is comfortable on the shoulder whilst moving it about, as well.. The cutter has just the tiniest mark on the black plastic that is it. I would recommend R-Tech to anyone good prices and service THANK YOU.

I can only assure you that I will recommend your goods and services to all. Thanks again from a very happy customer. Service and organisation by Dylan was again first class.

One of the very few firms it is a genuine pleasure to deal with. I will be investing in one of R-tech welders soon as I can then I can do all the build with R-tech you can follow my build videos on youtube under alan mcclusky regards alan. I have used it now on every type of job application; a good quality machine for a very reasonable price; very pleased with the setup.

The P30C is also an excellent machine - smooth in its operation; a fantastic bit of kit and again simple to set up. It has given excellent result. I found R-Tech to be an excellent company to deal with; very competitive priced machines and quality items. Would recommend to anyone to use.

I have received great service so far and will be dealing with you guys again shortly. My average work will involve metal up to around 3-4mm thick with some occasional 6mm so this machine is perfect for me.

I should have bought this product a long time ago. No more cutting sheet steel with an angle grinder! The machine looks very smart/professional and the quality of the parts and torch seem very good. Plenty of extra consumables with the machine which is great, no doubt last me a long time too!

The help from R-Tech was fantastic, real customer service, I visited the shop and I didn't even have to carry the machine in, they came out carried in the machine sorted the settings for me and gave me advice, all involved they were really helpful and had a great sense of humour long may R-Tech carry on. I've been in the the motor trade for over 20 years and it is so nice to find a company that really delivers in every way. The service provided by R-Tech is first class and they are geared to customer service. Everything working as it should! Really impressed with it's performance!

Will definitely recommend to anyone. I have to admit I was sceptical of their ability when seeing the compact size and low weight of the units, but both units performed brilliantly - easy to control with stepless control knobs and easy to read display (I can adjust things without taking my gloves off).

The welds are smooth and even and striking an arc is easy in both MIG and MMA modes. The after sales support is faultless. It turned out the fault was me but I was not charged... I'd never heard of you before I bought my Plasma 30 from you, but I came to you specifically because you'd been recommended on one of the forums I visit. I can see why now the other company I asked the same questions toÿ never even got back to me!

Replacement parts arrived safely today, and more than I expected. Does exactly what it said on the tin and in my opinion the best looking too, The Digital display for Amps is a useful bonus on this machine as well as the auto drain on the air filter. A few months ago I bought a TIG 201 AC/DC.

Fantastic machine, and with advice from Dylan, I can weld aluminium and have never TIG welded before. Once you get the settings right it's easy. Again a fantastic machine, easy to use with great results. Both products were delivered as promised and came with detailed operating instructions. I ordered a P30c Plasma Cutter from Dylan who again was extremely helpful.

Never found such good, reassuring back up. They don't ask or pressure, their equipment speaks for itself. Staff with good knowledge and politeness too. Came back for more in August.

Had to have a TIG welder. Once again the service was excellent. Foot pedal was out of stock, Dylan rang to apologize, then within hours rang again to let me know one was on the way. Arrived next day by 2.30pm. Would recommend this company to anyone looking for good quality kit at unbelievable prices. Will be back for more. A big thank you for using Professional carriers.

All my parcels have arrived around 2.30pm on the day they said. Superb cutting performance with no visible smoke in an enclosed environment. I won't bother to have my other set repaired because the 30C is so much better.

Price and quality are great, will recommend your product to all who I meet and I'll be ordering a TIG WELDER in September all being well. Given its diminutive compact size and that it runs from just a 13Amp plug, ÿI did not expect it to achieve anything like the quality of cut that it does, and with suchÿease. We use it on our lightship project and it runs from our Lister generator with no problems. It cuts through steel like butter and will see plenty of use.

Hope to do business with you again real soon! Plasma Cutter Demonstration - R-Tech P30C. Video will open in a new window. Great Product Range & Support. R-Tech Welding Equipment Ltd Unit G1 & G2 Innsworth Technology Park, Innsworth Lane Gloucester UK.

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Plasma Cutter 12mm Cut 30amp 240v, R-Tech P30C FREE Consumables kit worth £70  Plasma Cutter 12mm Cut 30amp 240v, R-Tech P30C FREE Consumables kit worth £70