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MIG Welder & MMA Welder 180AMP Inverter 240V R-Tech 0% Finance Available

MIG Welder & MMA Welder 180AMP Inverter 240V R-Tech 0% Finance Available

MIG Welder & MMA Welder 180AMP Inverter 240V R-Tech 0% Finance Available    MIG Welder & MMA Welder 180AMP Inverter 240V R-Tech 0% Finance Available
Wire Wheel & Cup Brushes. Air Hoses & PCL Fittings. Hard Facing Fe6 Arc Electrodes. Cable, Clamps & Dinse Plugs. Gas Bottles - Rental Free. TIG Welding Gas Pure Argon. Torches & Nozzles - Heavy Duty. Gas Regulators & Flow Meters. Generators - Honda & Mosa. Socket sets - Star Drive. Mig Wire Steel A15 - A18.

R-Tech P50HF LT Type Torch. R-Tech P50HF AG Type Torch.

R-Tech Digital Series 60 amp. R-Tech Digital Series 100 amp. Spot Welders Tecna Hand Held.

Tig Consumables Kit WP17,18,26. WP17,18,26 Std Gas Lens Cons. WP17,18,26 Large Gas Lens Cons.

WP17,18,26 Back Caps. Tig Consumables Kit WP9,20. WP9,20 Std Gas Lens Cons. WP9,20 Large Gas Lens Cons. CK TIG Torch Parts-Heads, Etc.

R-Tech Torch & Pedal Plugs. Multi and Bulk Value Packs. CK TIG Torches and Spares. CK Series 2 CK-WP 9-20-230. CK Series 3 CK-WP 17-18-26. MIG Welder & MMA Welder - 180AMP Inverter 240V R-Tech - 0% Finance Available. The MIG180 MIG Welder is a 180 Amp Portable Inverter MIG Welder with a 240v single phase input, MMA (Stick) and Spool on Gun Facility and durable metal feed assy. Infinite fine control of welding voltage/amperage - What is this? Enables you to finely control the welding power in very small steps - traditional old fashioned MIG welders only had coarse voltage settings I.

E Setting 1 = too little power, 2 = too much power. Provides very smooth low splatter welds on all steels and aluminium due to its inverter technology. Metal wire feed assy - Provides consistent wire feed. 180 Amp Output, welding range 30-180 amps. 16A 240v input required for welding at 180amps , 160 amp MIG output at 13A input.

Euro style MIG torch - What is this? Euro torches can be easily removed and replaced - they give a more consistent wire feed than permanently fitted torches as found on many DIY machines. 330 x 210 x410 mm. Yes - Easy fitment of torch.

Yes - Shows acutal welding amps. Yes - Easy reversal of polarity for gasless wire. Package Includes, R-Tech I-MIG180 MIG Welder, 3M MB15 Air Cooled MIG Torch, Earth Lead, Gas Hose, Mains Cable, Gas Regulator, Owners Manual. Generator Friendly - Generator must be minimum of 6KVA 240V and fitted with AVR (auto voltage regulation).

Want to weld aluminium - Simply fit a Teflon liner, Alloy rollers and Tips - What is this? Fit the Teflon liner into torch, alloy U-Groove rollers (steel are v-groove) and aluminium welding tips, connect pure argon gas and you are ready to MIG weld aluminiu. R-Tech Customer reviews of the IMIG180 MIG Welder. 20-10-2016 Welder is of excellent quality.

06-10-2016 Does what they say. 16-09-2016 We use the R tech 180 on cklassic car bodywork, and we can recommend this machine to everyone. 15-09-2016 I bought this for general purpose fabrication on material up to about 6mm in a workshop.

I need the portability to weld on vehicles and outdoors. Based on my previous order (AC/DC TIG) I expected it to be good - but it's better than that, it's great! It has fine adjustment when you need it (thin material) but it's smooth enough that the precise adjustment isn't that critical - it still puts down a nice weld. I bought it to replace a portable Synergic machine that I just couldn't get on with - it seemed to fight me! This is 10x easier to weld with.

I've used 5kg of wire in it so far - so a fair bit of use and I love it! 14-09-2016 I build and repair Race cars, I would recomend an R-Tech Mig180 to anybody doing light fabrication word. I have not used the welder much yet but so far it gives a good stable weld and is very easy to use 13-09-2016 First Mig and first attempts at wire welding did not dissapoint. 08-09-2016 Brilliant welder, brilliant service, awesome price.

Can't fault this welder for the power and duty cycle. Welds brilliantly even on rusty metal with co2, genuinely amazed! Thanks 30-08-2016 Although I have still yet to find time to use it, on inspection it looks the dogs... Switches and knobs look robust and the wire feed very sturdy. 30-08-2016 Very nice very well made welder with a good duty cycle which produces excellent welds with minimum setup.

Not the cheapest plant in town but you do get what you pay for, I particularly liked the all metal wire feed assembly which from experience always produces consistent results. 25-08-2016 Use for home and work , excellent bit of kit 02-08-2016 I use my machine for my hobby which is restoring older cars. The MIG 180 does the job perfectly being light and portable. I would recommend this product to people with similar interests or to small businesses in need of a machine which will be used often but not continuously. 11-07-2016 I spent along time researching what to get for my first welder. Very pleased that I chose this one 11-07-2016 I haven't used the product yet but gave it a once over when it arrived and all was well 07-07-2016 Simply a whole new world of welding. 01-07-2016 Versatile and ideal for smaller jobs as it is small enough to be portable. 01-07-2016 Only used a stick welder before, a great improvement, allowed me to do acceptable welds from the off, after watching some of the how to video links on the site. 01-07-2016 Very good build quality. 01-07-2016 after having a Cebora Mig which was perhaps 20-25 years old, i thought i would treat myself to a new Mig welder from R-tech.

Its way smaller and lighter than my old Cerbora 160amp unit. Very nice to weld with and easy to setup. 01-07-2016 I watched the video review on YouTube before purchasing and found it very helpful. The welder itself is excellent, I'm a mechanical engineer in the field and both the mig and stick work very well indeed.

Easy to use, easy to setup and easy to control. 01-07-2016 I use the Inverter MIG around the farm and has the ability to cope with all but a few needs. Although this is a compact unit it has no less ability to produce quality strong joints. I would recommend this not only to restorers and DIY enthusiast but to professional also as it is highly portable and provides excellent results. 12-05-2016 Very compact and portable. Very powerfull for size 25-04-2016 Fantastic welder, very controllable and easy to set. Gives a superb finish with ease and is very well built metal wire feed not plastic making it feel like a vastly more expensive set. 15-03-2016 Everything is of high quality and the welder works really well. The manual could do with improvement, eg a table of starting settings for different thickness of metal and perhaps a table of wire speed against dial setting 15-03-2016 Product used for Automotive Classic Car Restoration.

11-03-2016 The smoothness of the inverter is impressive giving very neat welds in MIG and MMA. The infinite variations on the adjustments means pretty much anything can be attempted.

26-02-2016 Fantastic piece of kit, why didn't I get one of these years ago!!!! My small 90A welder is now in the bin. Easy to use, fantastically adjustable to get a great weld.

Wouldn't hesitate to recomend this to others. 18-02-2016 Great tool perfect for the Land Rover! Check out the videos on-line. Easy to setup and perfect weld every time!

Highly recommend this for the DIYer or garage tinkerer. 30-01-2016 Simple, lightweight, reliable and with consistant welds.

I'm a hobbyist this is the easiest Mig I have used. 25-01-2016 I have been hobby welding for forty years (arc, gas and MIG). I have owned only cheap welders in this time as I could never justify the cost of an expensive one.

Now at last, a highly versatile and competent welder that does not break the bank in the R-Tech MIG180! My forty year old arc welder and twelve year old budget MIG are now in the bin. 24-01-2016 I have only used the welder on test welds but the results are far more professional than from my previous equipment.

Ideally suited for this purpose. The product is good and does everything i have asked it to do so far. Light and compact compared with my old one.

Thanks very much R Tech Barry Deluce Wigan 29-12-2015 Fantastic Product lightweight able to transport easily as apposed to the conventional MIGs. 22-12-2015 Use for classic car restoration great machine with fine control and consistent wire feed 12-12-2015 I make metal sculpture from recycled metal, sometimes very rusty. The Mig 180 has plenty of power and is easy to adjust for a range of different welds.

My previous welder did not always make a penetrating weld but this new machine has been briliant. Very plesed with this machine. 03-10-2015 I must say r-tech service is second to none , I ordered my mig 180 from r-tech on the 29/9/2015 and it arrived on the 2/10/2015 3 days and I live in Spain that's what I call service , have had a little play with it and it seems a very good welder. Watched Johns videos so i was glad that used r-tech good company. 09-05-2015 Great product , wire feed is excellent.

Very well made , love it. Very smooth machine to weld with. Thank you to Dylan in sales for sorting it all out for me. The very best customer service I have ever had to deal with. It's really well constructed, easy to set up and I had nice looking, solid welds within a matter of minutes of switching it on (and I'm pretty much a beginner).

I have been using this a lot over the last month and all very very good, the quality of parts and build are 100% and if your thinking of getting one go for it!! The quality of the unit is superb and the service from them first class. It's always great to find this quality and service, I would recommend them to anybody at any level. Just got my new welder I ordered yesterday, it turned up this morning.

I should have brought my mig from here in the fist place. I have learned my lesson just by R-tech they are the best. I cannot thank them enough. My last model gave up after a hard life & I fancied a change, best move I have ever made. The R-Tech I-MIG 180 is a superb machine.

The arc is incredibly stable, the gas supply is great & the overall quality of materials & build is fantastic. I cannot praise the machine or the service from R-Tech highly enough. I have used it to replate part of my boat using co2 and argon mix and with both it has performed very well. I loaned it to a pal of mine who is doing the same sort of work on his boat he compared it to the cheepo MIG he bought and says it is chalk and cheese. Thanks R-Tech Dave, Eastbourne , Sussex..

I have not been disappointed. As recommended by John I connected mine to a 16A supply but you don't need to, works just as well with standard 13A plug. (don't forget your plug). It arrived in 2 days. I recommend anyone looking for a budget but good quality welder to take a look at this. Now thinking of getting a tig machine. When my ancient Clarke MG gave up a couple of weeks ago I did not hesitate to replace it with the 180A MIG/MMA set. I had occasion to use the MMA facility today when a friend brought round a broken cast iron, Victorian rain water hopper to see if I could do anything with it. Using a 2.5mm nickel rod and 100 Amps we had it back in one piece in no time. Thanks again R Tech for a great product. These were to get my old Landys and Rover cars through there MOT. Why did no one tell me about R Tech? Bought a MIG 180 /MMA WOW what a machine so SMOOTH, so controllable, magic Make even me a fair to good welder, should have bought one years ago. And one last thing John demonstrating there kit is brilliant. I have very limited experience welding but decided to do it myself.

Lots of sweat and quite a few burns later and I now how 12 months MOT. It is professional grade piece of kit. I have a couple of friends who are accomplished welders. One bought one after trying mine and the other is thinking about it.

Good service too with helpful advice not just about the product but how to use it when I was struggling. One day I will treat myself to a tig as that looks a great bit of kit too. In the past year i have struggled with 2 cheap welders before they finally gave up, made the plunge and got one of these, you will not be disappointed.

The great thing about this one compared with other similar spec makes is that it is very lightweight and portable great for moving around, also it welds really nice. Great bit of kit well recommended. I can tell you right now the process is going up on Mig welding forum.

The box was well packed and of course has resulted in NO damage. Already fitted to my welding trolley and as it is the 13th I won't be doing much more than that (never tempt fate), can't wait to get a new reel of Mild steel wire instead of the SS wire I have been using and get on with welding my motor bike frame. I have previously used small hobby welders and a big Cebora but only have 13 amps so I cant use full power. After carefully opening the box and assembling the contents I quickly realised I had a high quality piece of kit in my hands.

Auto mask on, gas on, switch on and strike an arc. 5 years of welding wasted on the junk I had before, when I could have had an R-Tech.

Even makes me look like a pro. Wish I'd never heard of Sealey, Clarke etc. Thanks for a superb product. R -Tech MIG180 MIG Welder Review Part One. Video will open in a new window.

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Great Product Range & Support. R-Tech Welding Equipment Ltd Unit G1 & G2 Innsworth Technology Park, Innsworth Lane Gloucester UK.

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MIG Welder & MMA Welder 180AMP Inverter 240V R-Tech 0% Finance Available    MIG Welder & MMA Welder 180AMP Inverter 240V R-Tech 0% Finance Available