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Lathe Tailstock Tap/Die Holder, South Bend, Atlas

Lathe Tailstock Tap/Die Holder, South Bend, Atlas

Lathe Tailstock Tap/Die Holder, South Bend, Atlas    Lathe Tailstock Tap/Die Holder, South Bend, Atlas

Tailstock Sliding Tap/Die Holder, South Bend, Atlas Lathe. A tailstock tap/die holder should be among the first accessories a machinist makes for his lathe, since threading with a hand-held die stock, or holding a tap in a collet is seldom satisfactory.

This Tailstock Tap/Die Holder will cut threads with either a tap or a die using a hand held holder that slides on a tailstock mounted arbor. Releasing ones grip allows the tap or die to rotate on the arbor with the spindle. For larger threads that cannot be hand held a stop handle that bears against the lathe compound prevents rotation as the threads are cut. The photos below show this procedure. I now have an INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO available. To see for yourself I suggest you check my feedback and read some of the remarks. Below is a photo of the seven (7) pieces that make up the complete Tailstock Tap/Die Holder.

The seven (7) pieces are as follows. Tailstock Arbor with #2 Morse Taper, 5/8 arbor diameter. Sliding Knurled Sleeve, 1-1/8 diameter with 5/8 thru bore.

Small Tap Chuck, #0 to 1/4 tap capacity. Large Tap Chuck, #12 to 1/2 tap capacity. Small Die Holder, 13/16 die diameter.

Large Die Holder, 1 die diameter. Threaded Stop Handle, fits the sliding knurled sleeve. The two Tap Chucks grip the tap by the taps square like inserting a tap in a hand held tap wrench.

All small taps from #6 and under have the same size shank and square. So this tool will accommodate all taps #000 to 1/2. Tapping or die threading is relatively easy. As with any threading, liberal use of cutting oil is recommended along with a slow spindle speed. For the smaller sizes the hand held knurled sleeve, with the tap or die installed, is pushed into the work piece, as the thread starts, the spindle rotation draws the tap or die towards the head stock cutting the thread.

When the thread bottoms or comes to the designated length of thread, the operator releases his grip and the knurled sleeve, along with the tap or die rotates with the spindle until the lathe is stopped. Reversing the spindle backs the tap or die out toward the tailstock as the knurled sleeve is again gripped by the operators hand.

For larger taps and dies, that cannot be hand held because of the torque, the threaded stop handle is inserted in the knurled sleeve. The stop handle, by resting on the compound prevents the sleeve from rotating and the tap or die cut the thread. Same as would be done when hand holding. When using the stop handle tap breakage or die damage is very possible. Care must be taken and the operators hand should constantly be on the on-off-reversing switch.

With care it becomes quite simple and damage is easily avoided. A good safety precaution when using the stop handle is to not hold the workpiece too tightly in the 3-jaw chuck or collet. Then, if the tap or die bottoms, the workpiece will rotate in the chuck or collet preventing breakage of the tap or die. Operating at the slowest speed is recommended. I've done a lot of tapping and die threading of Stainless Steel, Mild CRS, 12L14, Brass, Aluminum, and plastics on my 9 South Bend and I've yet to break a tap or damage a die.

I want you to be pleased with this fine tool. Note for small lathe owners: I now have #1 Morse Taper arbors available for owners of lathes with a #1 MT tailstock like some of the old Craftsman and Atlas lathes. Same price, just tell me when you BIN.

Also, if you don't need the 1/2 capacity tap holder contact me and I'll give you a deduct price. #3 Morse Taper arbor now available. I've had a number of requests for a #3 MT arbor for larger lathe users, instead of using a #2 MT to #3 MT adapter sleeve.

Or, contact me if you prefer. Morse Taper arbor with Tang also available. For those of you that would like a Morse Taper arbor with tang (primarily for use in a reducing sleeve/adapter for easy removal) it is available at no additional charge. Available in only #1 MT, #2 MT. 1-1/2 Die Holder now available.

Again, following requests, I now have available and in stock, a 1-1/2 die holder. The body is extended to allow up to 1-1/4 thread length. 1/2" to3/4" tap capacity Tap Holder now available. Again, following requests, I now have available and in stock, a 3/4 tap holder. Complete tool so I can include in the same package.

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Lathe Tailstock Tap/Die Holder, South Bend, Atlas    Lathe Tailstock Tap/Die Holder, South Bend, Atlas