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DLX49WKit, 4.5 & 9 Easy Shrink DELUXE Shrinking Disc Kit & WRENCH, shrinker

DLX49WKit, 4.5 & 9 Easy Shrink DELUXE Shrinking Disc Kit & WRENCH, shrinker
DLX49WKit, 4.5 & 9 Easy Shrink DELUXE Shrinking Disc Kit & WRENCH, shrinker
DLX49WKit, 4.5 & 9 Easy Shrink DELUXE Shrinking Disc Kit & WRENCH, shrinker
DLX49WKit, 4.5 & 9 Easy Shrink DELUXE Shrinking Disc Kit & WRENCH, shrinker
DLX49WKit, 4.5 & 9 Easy Shrink DELUXE Shrinking Disc Kit & WRENCH, shrinker
DLX49WKit, 4.5 & 9 Easy Shrink DELUXE Shrinking Disc Kit & WRENCH, shrinker
DLX49WKit, 4.5 & 9 Easy Shrink DELUXE Shrinking Disc Kit & WRENCH, shrinker
DLX49WKit, 4.5 & 9 Easy Shrink DELUXE Shrinking Disc Kit & WRENCH, shrinker

DLX49WKit, 4.5 & 9 Easy Shrink DELUXE Shrinking Disc Kit & WRENCH, shrinker   DLX49WKit, 4.5 & 9 Easy Shrink DELUXE Shrinking Disc Kit & WRENCH, shrinker
DLXKit - Includes the SD4Kit, SD9Kit & Wrench. See the Explanation of Contents below for more info. Backing Pads & Tapered Nuts are INCLUDED in this Kit! It is Highly Recommended to consider our "Kits"!

They include everything you need in convenient trouble free packages! See ALL of our Disc & Kit Options Combined. Because this listing has a lot of info, it is divided into the following sections to help you find the info you need.

Purchasing & Listing Info - (this section and above) MUST READ! "Explanation of Contents" - (Includes Fitment Info and RPM Requirements) MUST READ! Please double check to make sure you are getting what you want and need 4. "Frequently Asked Questions" - Please review BEFORE contacting us! Your question has likely been asked before, like Which size should i order? Customer Feedback - Comments from our Customers. A Few Satisfied Customer's Comments. The shrinking disc works fantastic, even for an amateur!! " "Been doing paint and body 25 years. A definite must have for fabricators!!!

" "Amazing, I have been using a torch for 35 years, this is the way to go" "Thanks 4 the AWESOME tool! It's the most-used tool in our shop!

Our "Easy Shrink" discs are made using a Special High Grade Stainless Alloy & Manufacturing Process, that creates a long lasting, low galling, crack resistant, safer and higher performance disc compared to older designs. Our Shrinking Disc Kits include everything you need in convenient trouble free packages!

Works on steel, stainless, aluminum, brass. Creates Heat through Friction to allow shrinking of the sheetmetal. Works with compressed air or water cooling (spray bottle or rag). Is good for shrinking, smoothing, blending and relieving surface tension created from damage.

We are the inventor of the 1st and Original 3" and 4 1/2" shrinking discs, and were the. No one else offers this! We highly recommend that you compare our listings, feedback & sales history with others, before purchasing similar products from other sellers. Wolfes Metal Fabrication is the inventor/innovator of the "Easy Shrink" Shrinking Discs, & an Insured and registered LLC Business, what about them? Explanation of Options & Contents. 3" Discs - Recommended RPM 20,000 - 22,000, Max RPM 22,000 4 1/2" Discs - Recommended RPM 10,000 - 13,000, Max RPM 13,300 9 Discs - Recommended RPM 3,000 - 6,000, Max RPM 6,500. Adjustable Pin Wrench - Used to help tighten and loosen the nuts of the 4 1/2" and 9" discs. This is an Optional Item!

SD3 - 3" Replacement Disc for the SD3Kit, for right angle die grinders or similar, has a 3/8" hole & is a direct replacement for the disc in our SD3Kit (Mandrel Not Included). Fits standard right angle die grinders that accept 1/4 shank mandrels. Contents - SD3 Disc, 1/4" Shank x 3/8" Mandrel & Instruction Manual.

SD458 - 4 1/2" Disc, Least Common Option, ONLY for some older 4" grinders that require a 5/8 hole (Disc Only), Makita Part #743009-6 pad, #224501-6 Nut may work if pad is needed. SD478 - 4 1/2" Replacement Disc for the SD4Kit, Fits 4 1/2" grinders, has a 7/8 hole & is a direct replacement for the disc in our SD4kit.

Fits standard 4 1/2" grinders that have 5/8" - 11 spindle thread & use discs with 7/8 holes. Contents - SD478 Disc, Backing Pad, Nut, Spacer & Instruction Manual Need a different thread size?

We can swap it out. SD478C - 4 1/2 Replacement Disc for the SD4CKit that has a Curved face for concave or reverse curved panels. Fits 4 1/2" grinders, has a 7/8" hole & is a direct replacement for the disc in our SD4CKit. (backing pad required & is different than the SD4Kit pad). Has a Curved face for concave or reverse curved panels.

Contents - SD478C Disc, Backing Pad, Nut, Spacer & Instruction Manual Need a different thread size? SD49CP Combo Pack - 4 1/2" and 9" Replacement Discs for the SD4Kit and SD9Kit. SD9 - 9" Replacement Disc for the SD9Kit, Fits Standard 7" or 9" sander/grinder/polishers & is a direct replacement for the 9" disc in our SD9kit. Fits standard 7" or 9" sander/grinder/polishers with a 5/8 - 11 threaded spindle. Contents - SD9 Disc, Backing Pad, Nut, Spacer & Instruction Manual. DLX49 Basic - Includes the SD4Kit & SD9Kit (Used to be called our Deluxe or DLXKit). Basic Starter Kit that will let you tackle many common jobs. DLX349 Advanced - Includes the SD3Kit, SD4Kit & SD9Kit. Advanced Kit that adds the ability to tackle tight area & hood/trunklid sandblasting warpage repairs between & slightly under the backside bracing (shrink the blasted and stretched top skin from the backside). DLX3494C Expert - Includes the SD3Kit, SD4Kit, SD9Kit & the Curved SD4CKit. One step above our Advanced Kit that adds the ability to repair concave or reverse curved areas. Helps you on your way to becoming an Expert Metalman! DLX3494C +2 Metal Master - Includes the SD3Kit, SD4Kit, SD9Kit & the Curved SD4CKit as well as 2 additional discs for each kit. Our largest, most complete kit with the greatest discount & best value, used by true Metal Masters! Great for multiple material types, spares or large shops! A Detailed Instruction Manual is Included with all orders.

It includes information on how the heat shrinking process works, how to use the disc & important information about achieving a proper mounting. It is highly recommended to read the manual before using the disc for safety, knowledge, and to answer frequently asked questions.

We try to make sure we are offering everything our customers want and need, in convenient, trouble free packages. Your requests do matter and ARE listened to!

We have added from request, the large backing pads, spacers (on occasion they were needed), alternate thread sizes for the 4 1/2" discs, the adjustable pin wrench, 3" discs and the Curved 4 1/2 discs. Wolfes Metal Fabrication Shrinking Disc demonstration - YouTube.

In the above pictures and our original video, I demonstrate removing two large bulges in a domed panel, which simulate dents that have have been popped back out, but remain overstretched. Once I got the lumps shrunk back down (I did NOT use a hammer and dolly, only the shrinking disc for demonstration purposes), I ran a sander over the panel to show exactly how smooth of a finish can be achieved.

You can not tell the damage used to be there, and if painting, it would be ready for primer, no filler needed. In normal conditions, you would straighten out the metal like usual with a hammer and dolly first, to speed up the process, and then use the shrinking disc to achieve smooth final finish. More details and instructions can be found in the included instruction manual.

New High Definition Repair Video on a 1941 Lincoln! Dent Repair, Metal Bumping & Shrinking with a Wolfes Metal Fabrication "Easy Shrink" Shrinking Disc - YouTube. Please review BEFORE contacting us!

When using a Shrinking Disc, you are able to shrink overstretched areas and repair damaged sheet metal panels to a like new condition, making for a better quality, longer lasting finish with little or no body filler at all! The secret to them, is they create the heat that is needed to shrink through friction. They produce better results and are much more controllable than shrinking with a torch or a solid tipped stud gun. When using a torch, you are directly controlling how much heat is being inserted, and were it is going. This is easily and many times overdone, resulting in warping and further damaging the panel.

With the shrinking disc and its large surface area, it eliminates some of the guess work, especially when smoothing a lumpy panel by only touching the higher overstretched areas! The heat is also more concentrated on the higher peaks of the damage and tapers off to the lower areas, which results in a much greater accuracy of heat placement, in turn ending with a much smoother nicely blended panel. Once you have started using the shrinking disc and get a little practice under your belt, it will make you feel more confident in your metalworking skills when you can finish a panel with no body filler at all! The more you use it, and the better you get, the less filler you have to spread and sand! It saves lots of time on sanding, keeps the shop cleaner from having less putty dust, and makes for a better quality, longer lasting finish with little or no body filler at all!

In normal conditions, you would roughly straighten the panel, tap the dents and low areas up with a hammer and dolly and then make a couple of passes with the shrinking disc, heating and cooling. Look over the panel to determine were more work is needed, and using a hammer and dolly, rearrange or tap up any remaining low spots followed by a few more passes with the disc. After completing several loops of this process, your panel will be smooth, and back to normal surface tension. When using the shrinking disc after welding in a patch panel to arrive at an almost invisible seam, you should start by carefully grinding the bulk of the weld.

While doing this, you want to minimizing excessive heat buildup and prevent thinning of the panel itself. Then the HAZ (Heat Affected Zone, the area that was discolored while welding) needs to be stretched by using a hammer and dolly (with slightly more contour than your panel), striking the hammer "On Dolly".

This is required, because the welding process heat causes shrinking just like the shrinking disc does, although it happens in an unwanted and uncontrolled manner. After stretching the HAZ, it will be closer to the original profile, but still lumpy, uneven and possibly over stretched from the various hammer blows. Now is when the shrinking disc works its magic. By using the shrinking disc over this area, and blending around the edges if needed, it will only touch the higher overstretched areas as mentioned before, and shrink them down so the entire weld area is smooth, and has the same surface level.

More details on using the discs included in the Instruction Manual. How does Heat Shrinking work? Shrinking occurs after heating (causing expansion) and cooling metal (resulting in contraction). This happens because while a panel or sheet of metal is being heated, the heated area is trying to expand. The surrounding cold metal is containing the majority of the expansion and holding it in, preventing the expansion from happening. When cooling the panel, the heated metal contracts which the surrounding metal cannot prevent, in turn shrinking the heated area. Important aspects of this method are heating and cooling fairly quickly. Slow heating is usually more of a problem than slow cooling, as it will let the heat disperse into the entire panel before any expansion containment has taken place, reducing the shrinking discs effectiveness greatly. If heating happens quick enough, some shrinking can occur with only room temperature cooling, but is greatly accelerated and multiplied by cooling with either compressed air or water (squirt bottle or rag), but water generally tends to provide quicker cooling. These shrinking discs work well on steel, stainless, aluminum, brass and may on some other metals. (it is recommended to use separate discs to prevent cross contamination) Also it only touches the higher overstretched spots that need to be shrunk. So you are able to shrink an area on a panel without worrying about making the problem even worse like you can with a torch. The shrinking disc also works excellent on removing those "oil can" dents that were caused by overworking and stretching the metal too much! Which size disc should I get 3", 4 1/2" or 9? The small 4 1/2" disc has a low initial investment (almost everyone has a 4 1/2" grinder), and works great on small parts (for example, stainless trim, grille shells, motorcycle tanks, etc), light damage, tight spaces, or after primer and block sanding, it works great for catching any high spots that were overlooked, instead of beating them in and covering them with filler, without disturbing much of the surrounding primer (as it is more difficult with the large disc).

The large 9 disc excels when working large, low to medium contour panels such as, hoods, roof, door, trunk or heavily damaged panels, because of its greater working surface area. Compare it to block sanding, were on a large panel, a longer sanding block makes it straighter and works more area at one time, but the small ones still work and are needed for some situations as well. Our newest addition to the shrinking disc line is the 3 disc.

The SD3 Disc and Kit were designed to compliment the larger shrinking discs for extreme fine tuning and to get into hard to reach areas. P If there is room for a larger disc, using the larger disc is recommended, as you will have much better and faster results. P After personally using the larger shrinking discs for many years and talking to customers, I found that a smaller shrinking disc would be a great compliment to the shrinking tool arsenal.

P The SD3 disc would not be a good option to try to repair an entire 1/4 panel or heavily damaged area, it would take too long and/or just not work very well. However, it is very handy, especially when repairing sandblasting damage from the outer skin being stretched when it is blasted from the backside between the bracing. This creates a Hard Edge of stretching from the blasting process because of the bracing blocking some of the panel. The small lipless discs allow you to get into the open areas between the bracing and even slightly under to finish blending the repair as far as the blasting process was able to stretch the sheetmetal.

Do I need spare discs? The discs themselves will last a long time, long enough that we don't have an actual lifespan to give you, and since usage varies greatly for different people.

, or the primary reason being, if you are planning on using them on multiple different materials such as mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel. You can use the same disc, however you want to be sure you clean it very well to prevent the possibility of embedding tiny steel particles that can rust or cause corrosion into your stainless or aluminum panel. To prevent that from even being a possibility, it is recommended to use different discs on different materials.

Our Deluxe 349W+2 Kit includes all 3 sizes of kits, the wrench and 2 spares of each size for a Complete Discounted Kit. Why choose our "Easy Shrink" Shrinking Discs over others? Brian Wolfe (Owner) is the Inventor of the smaller stainless shrinking discs, the correct 4 1/2" size in particular (as well as the new 3" disc), but was then followed by others. The larger discs have been around for ages made by multiple different manufacturers in several different styles, and over the years of using and providing shrinking discs, we have made changes and improvements to the material and manufacturing process that we use, to provide you with an improved quality, safer and better performing disc, as well as introducing a smaller size disc to compliment the large one and for special situations. Many people prefer our smooth shrinking discs over the wavy discs for several reasons.

It is safer with the flanged edge than the "saw blade" like edge the wavy discs have. The ridges are not necessary, they create unneeded vibration and noise as the shrinking happens because of the heat caused by friction.

The ridges can actually lead to premature failure and cracking due to wearing thin only on the higher raised areas of the disc. We have also put a lot of time, effort and testing into making reasonably priced quality "Kits" that generally include everything that you need to get you started easily and conveniently with the least amount of hassle. Q: What speed of grinder do I need for your shrinking discs?

I personally use an old heavy 6000 rpm grinder. For the 4 1/2 discs, most small grinders run at 10,000-13,000 rpm. On the new 3 discs, a standard right angle air grinder at 20,000-22,000 rpm works well.

(higher power air grinders work best as alot of friction is taking place and can slow the grinder and shrinking action if it is not powerful enough) This Info is included in the "Explanation of Contents". Q: Do your shrinking discs come with a backing pad? Our Shrinking Discs REQUIRE a backing pad for proper mounted & usage. Q: What type of backing pad can I use for your shrinking discs? A: Most large grinders come with a rubber or plastic pad that is intended for flexible sanding discs, and have a nut that is tapered so it will sit flush with the surface when tightened, these may be used, but some pads may not follow the contour of the discs well and will cause problems when mounting.

Also watch out for backing pads that include a Cast nut! I have seen them break!

Our Kits use machined nuts very important for safety! This is why we HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing one of our Kits! They include everything you need to ensure a trouble free experience! Q: How can I learn more about metalworking and using these tools? A: A great free place to learn are the Metalmeet and Allmetalshaping forums, as well as a few others.

Search the forums and ask questions, there are many nice people there sharing about the art of metalworking. Q: I love your tool, and would like to tell you about it.

Feel free to write a response about our tools and include pictures and/or your business/website information if you would like. If you allow permission, I will gladly post your story and link on our website for others to see how well it worked for you. We have many short one line thanks and amazement quotes, and always welcome more, although if you feel like writing more, we would love to put you on our testimonials page with or without pictures. Q: Can you please leave feedback for me? A: Yes of course, but we are very busy, so feedback is left in bulk for everyone a couple of times a month.

US orders usually take 2-3 days but allow 6 for delays. If you are still waiting, just keep an eye on the tracking info for updates. We strive to keep our customers happy and our feedback at the top! It is very inconvenient for us and we still get charged for the sale. Here are a few comments left by our customers! Very happy with this product, works like magic! That roof looks perfect now!!! Fast, smooth, wish i had this disk sooner, it works just like they said it would! As described Amazing I have been using a torch for 35 years this is the way to go.

Disc is HEAVY gauge stainless, thanks Wolfes! Received Disc's, GREAT JOB! GREAT PERSON TO DEAL WITH. Works great , saves alot of finishing time thank you very much.

Exactly as i expected nice product!!!! Fast, efficient and a real nice tool. Straight up people they got my vote thank you merry christmas AAAAAAA+++++. Received faster than items ive bought in England! Fine ebayer just like advertised great communications.

Fun tool to use, it works!! Super product and delivered amazingly fast, thankyou very much!!!!!!!! A++++++++++++ 5 STARS ALL THE WAY! Came before items I bought more than a week before it.

The best quality and super products, fast shipper. Fast and packed with TLC! FIRST RATE COMPANY GREAT ITEM GREAT EBAYER AAAAAAAAAAAAA +++++++++++. Why no one locally does this I don't know! You have saved me heaps!

Showed up quick and great instructions!! Absolutely Perfect ----- Awesome ---- Thank You ---- AAAAAAAAAAAA +++++++++++++. What else could I ask?

Have told others about it........ Quality item even better than expected, will recomend THANKS. Check out the rest of Our Great Feedback!

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  1. Manufacturer Part Number: DLXWKit w/ wrench
  2. Tool Category: Sheet Metal
  3. Application: Shrinking Sheet Metal
  4. Tool Type: Metal Finishing
  5. Fits - Use With: Standard 4 1/2" and 7/9" Electric Angle Grinders
  6. Diameter: 4 1/2" and 9"
  7. Arbor Size: 7/8"
  8. Spindle Thread: 5/8" - 11
  9. Recommended RPM: 4 1/2" - 10k - 13k, 9" -3k - 6k
  10. Includes Wrench: Yes, Adjustable Pin Wrench Included
  11. Brand: Wolfes Metal Fabrication

DLX49WKit, 4.5 & 9 Easy Shrink DELUXE Shrinking Disc Kit & WRENCH, shrinker   DLX49WKit, 4.5 & 9 Easy Shrink DELUXE Shrinking Disc Kit & WRENCH, shrinker